Just like we train our body to gain strength, endurance, stability, flexibility and overall physical health … we can train our mind, the most powerful muscle of all, to create health and desired results in all areas of our lives!

Ever feel like there is something more to life than what you are currently experiencing?


Frustrated with how unwanted results continue to show up despite efforts to change?


Confused why knowledge of something does not always create productive actions?


These are pretty common scenarios that many of us are faced with at one point in our lives or another. Most of us are lead to believe that we should be satisfied with our lives as is or we may be somehow lacking if we have not figured it out by now. The heart of the matter is that we may not realize the potential that we have in our own mind to improve any or all areas of our lives.

Numerous studies in neuroscience have revealed that about 95% of our behaviour is directed by our subconscious mind and only 5% from our conscious mind.  Without this awareness, we may have underestimated the power of our mind in producing the results we actually want. Understanding the mind, especially how the subconscious mind works, is key to making changes that last in health, career, finances, relationships, and lifestyle. 

Mind Muscle has a vision of helping people bring themselves in alignment with who they really are and live their full potential through awareness and training of the mind. The wisdom and knowledge from the leaders in neuroscience and human potential is leveraged to provide a repeatable system for success. No matter what point in life you are at right now, things can always be improved for even better results. You can do anything you set your mind to. So, do what you were meant to do!

The truth is that humans are creative beings. We are meant to grow and express our unique abilities and talents … if we are not, struggle happens. We each have a purpose in life and also deserve to live the life that we truly want. We may consciously want to improve our life but it is the programmed beliefs in our subconscious that direct the majority of our behaviours, which determine our results. In order to change our current circumstances, we need to create a mindset to match the success that we want. It sounds simple … but not always easy to do on one’s own.

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